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Liberia's Unemployment
Insight & Analysis



On this page, we provide insights and analysis of unemployment issues and contexts in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Unemployment rate: Liberia's official unemployment rate has been consistently high, with youth unemployment being a particular concern. Analysis could explore trends in the unemployment rate over time, as well as the causes of persistent high unemployment.


Skills gap: Many employers in Liberia struggle to find workers with the skills they need, while many job seekers lack the skills that are in demand. Insights could examine the causes of this skills gap and potential solutions, such as education and training programs.


Informal sector: A significant portion of Liberia's workforce is employed in the informal sector, which can present challenges for economic growth and development. Analysis could explore the reasons why workers choose informal employment, as well as the impact of informal employment on workers and the economy as a whole.


Gender disparities: Women in Liberia face significant barriers to employment, including discrimination and limited access to education and training. Insights could explore the specific challenges that women face in the labor market and potential policy solutions to address these disparities.


Recent Analysis

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