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Liberia's Education Technology
Insight & Analysis



On this page, we provide insights and analysis of education technology in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Access to technology: How widespread is access to technology in Liberian schools? Are there disparities in access based on geography or socio-economic status? How are schools addressing these disparities?

E-learning platforms: What e-learning platforms are being used in Liberian schools? How effective are these platforms in delivering quality education to students? What challenges do schools face in implementing these platforms?

Digital literacy: How are teachers and students being trained in digital literacy skills? What initiatives are in place to address any gaps in digital literacy?

Blended learning: How are Liberian schools incorporating blended learning models, which combine online learning with traditional classroom instruction? What challenges and successes have been observed?

Educational apps: What educational apps are available in Liberia, and how are they being used in schools? Are these apps aligned with Liberian curriculum standards?


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