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Liberia's Education Policy & Reform Insight & Analysis



On this page, we provide insights and analysis of education policy and reforms issues and contexts in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Education funding: The analysis could focus on how the government funds education in Liberia, the adequacy of the funds, and how the funds are disbursed.

Curriculum and teaching quality: This could look at the content of the curriculum, teaching quality, and how it aligns with the needs of the Liberian society.

Teacher training and development: This could examine how teachers in Liberia are trained and developed, the availability of training opportunities, and the effectiveness of these training programs.

Education governance: This could examine the governance structure of education in Liberia, including the role of the Ministry of Education and the decentralization of education management.

Education infrastructure: This could focus on the state of education infrastructure in Liberia, including the availability and quality of classrooms, libraries, and other educational facilities.


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