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Liberia's Workforce Development
Insight & Analysis



This page provides insights and analysis of workforce development issues and contexts in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Skills gaps: Analyzing the specific skills and competencies that are currently in demand in Liberia's labor market, and identifying areas where there are shortages or gaps in the available workforce.

Vocational training: Examining the effectiveness of vocational training programs in Liberia, and identifying ways to improve the quality and relevance of these programs.

Job creation: Analyzing the factors that contribute to job creation in Liberia, and identifying strategies that can be used to encourage the growth of new businesses and industries.

Youth employment: Examining the challenges that young people in Liberia face when trying to enter the workforce, and identifying ways to improve their access to employment opportunities.

Labor laws and regulations: Analyzing the legal framework governing labor in Liberia, and identifying areas where reforms or improvements could be made to promote a more fair and equitable labor market.

Informal sector: Examining the role of the informal sector in Liberia's economy, and identifying ways to support and formalize informal workers and businesses.

Gender and diversity: Analyzing the specific challenges that women and other marginalized groups face in accessing employment and advancing in their careers in Liberia, and identifying strategies to promote greater gender and diversity equity in the workforce.

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