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Liberia's Agriculture 
Insight & Analysis



On this page, we provide insights and analysis of agriculture issues and contexts in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Farming practices: Analysis of farming practices in Liberia, including traditional and modern techniques, and their effectiveness in ensuring food security and increasing agricultural productivity.

Land use and land rights: Analysis of the challenges related to land use and land rights in Liberia, including land tenure systems, land disputes, and the impact of large-scale land acquisitions on local communities.

Crop diversity and productivity: Analysis of the diversity of crops grown in Liberia, their productivity levels, and the potential for crop diversification to enhance food security and economic development.

Access to markets: Analysis of the challenges faced by farmers in accessing markets for their produce, including the lack of transportation infrastructure, storage facilities, and market information systems.

Climate change and agriculture: Analysis of the impact of climate change on agriculture in Liberia, including the vulnerability of crops to extreme weather events, and the potential for climate-smart agriculture practices to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Agricultural policy: Analysis of the government's agricultural policies and their effectiveness in promoting sustainable agriculture, supporting smallholder farmers, and increasing food security.


Recent Analysis

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