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Liberia's GDP Insight & Analysis



On this page, we provide insights and analysis of gross domestic products (GDP) issues and contexts in Liberia. We focus on the following:


Economic growth: Liberia's GDP growth rate and its contributing factors, such as investment, government spending, and consumer spending.

Sectoral analysis: The contribution of various sectors to the country's GDP, such as agriculture, mining, services, and manufacturing.

Income distribution: Analysis of how GDP is distributed among the population, and the level of income inequality in the country.

Dependence on foreign aid: Liberia's reliance on foreign aid and its impact on the country's GDP.

Natural resource management: The management and impact of natural resources on the country's GDP, including issues such as environmental sustainability and resource depletion.

Regional disparities: Analysis of the variation of GDP across different regions in Liberia, and the underlying factors contributing to these


External factors: The impact of external factors such as global economic conditions, political instability, and natural disasters on Liberia's GDP.


Recent Analysis

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