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$240,000 Gift by Musa Bility

Targeted for his political ambition

Musa Hassan Bility, the Chairman of the opposition Liberty Party (LP), has waived over $240,000 in debt owed to him by the Liberia Football Association (LFA). However, there is no information available on why he waived the debt or when he did so. Musa Bility is a self-made millionaire and a prominent figure in Liberian politics. He has been involved in football administration in Liberia for many years and was the president of the LFA from 2010 to 2018. Bility has been described as a political genius and has helped Ellen Johnson Sirleaf win two elections back to back. He is also known for his ability to build communication teams around a winning candidate, which is unmatched. Bility has risen to become the most influential Muslim politician in the country and was preferred to head the Liberty Party in 2020[3]. He has been described as a brother by Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine and headed Brumskine's impressive 2017 campaign that brought the LP back to third place after slipping to fourth place in 2011. Despite these selfless act, Bility was wrongly accused of embezzling $50,000 from the same organization that he gifted $240,000. Bility denied the allegations and said that he was being targeted because of his political ambitions. Despite the controversies, Bility remains a prominent figure in Liberian politics and football administration. For years, the LFA had been struggling under a mountain of debt, with many questioning the body's ability to effectively manage the affairs of Liberian football. However, Bility's decision to waive the debt has given the LFA a new lease on life, providing the organization with the opportunity to refocus its efforts on promoting the growth and development of football in Liberia. In a letter expressing their gratitude to Bility, the LFA governing body praised the businessman for his commitment to the sport and his willingness to put the interests of the country first. "We are truly grateful for your generosity and your unwavering support of Liberian football," the letter read. "Your contribution to the sport has been immeasurable, and we are honored to have you as a partner in our efforts to promote the growth and development of football in Liberia." Bility's decision to waive the debt owed to him by the LFA did not go unnoticed by the wider Liberian public, with many lauding him for his commitment to the country and its people. Some went so far as to suggest that Bility's act of generosity could be the catalyst for a new era of collaboration and cooperation between the political and sports communities in Liberia. Regardless of the impact that Bility's gesture may have on Liberian football, there can be no denying the fact that his decision to waive the LFA's debt is a powerful symbol of the kind of leadership that the country needs. At a time when political divisions and tribalism threaten to tear the country apart, Bility's selflessness and commitment to the greater good provide a glimmer of hope for a brighter future for all Liberians.


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